15 Nov 2016

Winners of the respective Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles titles at the recently concluded 2016 Hybiome Austrian Open in Linz, Japan’s Kenta Matsudaira and Mima Ito, both can now look forward to receiving an invitation to the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals to be staged in Doha from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th December.

Kenta Matsudaira occupies the no.11 spot (351 points), having competed in seven tournaments to date on the itinerary; whilst Mima Ito, who has made no less than 10 appearances, is listed at no.9 (550 points).

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

One tournament remains on this year’s calendar, the 2016 ITTF World Tour Swedish Open but following their efforts in Linz, each is mathematically assured of a top 15 finish; the requirement to qualify for the prestigious end of year event. One place is reversed for the hosts, thus making the total entry, 16 players; no male or female player from Qatar is in contention.

Furthermore, it is the same for Yuto Muramatsu, also from Japan; he is one place ahead of Kenta Matsudaira in the no.10 spot (363 points). Present in six tournaments, he is assured of a top 15 conclusion.

However, for Brazil’s Hugo Calderano, who beat Yuto Muramatsu at the semi-final stage in Linz and for a further Japanese player, Koki Niwa; a Qatar invitation is still theoretically possible but the omens are bleak.

Koki Niwa, who was beaten by Kenta Matsudaira in round three in Linz, is at no.16 (241 points), Hugo Calderano is at no.21 (200 points).

China’s Ma Long (2,100 points) continues to lead the Men’s Singles Standings followed by colleagues Fan Zhendong (1,700 points), Xu Xin (1,300 points) and Zhang Jike (1,225 points).

Similarly, in the Women’s Singles Standings; it somewhat a question of wait and see for confirmation. Chinese Taipei’s Cheng I-Ching and Korea’s Yang Haeun are just awaiting the stamp of approval but it is somewhat different for Japan’s Yui Hamamoto as well as for Hitomi Sato, as it is Yang Haeun’s colleagues, Suh Hyowon and Jeon Jihee.

Cheng I-Ching, beaten in round three in Linz, by Yui Hamamoto, is in the no.10 spot (488 points); an earlier than expected exit, it was the same for Yang Haeun, who was lost to Austria’s Sofia Polcanova in Linz in round two. She is at no.11 (456 points). Both  have comfortably met the five tournament appearance criteria; Cheng I-Ching has been present on seven occasions, Yang Haeun nine times.

However, for Yui Hamamoto, Hitomi Sato, Suh Hyowon and Jeon Jihee, the door is not totally closed but there is only a very narrow chink of light.

Beaten in round two in Linz by Korea’s Choi Hyojoo, Hitomi Sato is in the no.19 spot (320 points), being one ahead of Suh Hyowon (313 points); Yui Hamamoto is the no.22 position (293 points) with Jeon Jihee at no.24 (285 points).

At the 2016 Hybiome Austrian Open, Yui Hamamoto beat Suh Hyowon in the quarter-finals, before losing to Mima Ito in the final; Jeon Jihee departed proceedings in round one, losing to Yui Hamamoto’s colleague, Masaki Morizono.

China’s Ding Ning (1,900 points) continues to head the list ahead of colleagues Liu Shiwen (1,700 points) and Zhu Yuling (800 points); Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa is next on the list (681 points) with Singapore’s Feng Tianwei (612 points) completing the top five names.

The next and concluding tournament on this year’s ITTF World Tour is the Swedish Open; play commences in Stockholm on Tuesday 15th November.

Monday 14th November: Latest Standings after 2016 ITTF World Tour Hybiome Austrian Open

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