15 Nov 2016

Competition is tough in the Chinese Super League with World champions on duty in every round.

Chen Meng has given her best for the Shenzhen Team. Indeed. She has played well; unfortunately, her teammates still lack the experience.

by Henry Chen

“This is the most intense game that we played since the start of this season’s Chinese Super League.”

That’s how coach Jia Jia of the Shenzhen Women’s Team evaluated the latest round of the Chinese Super League.

Scheduled last Wednesday 9th November, Shenzhen welcomed Bayi; the league leader.

Chen Meng, as the main player for Shenzhen, offered a powerful start for the team in their eighth round battle. She was quick to impose her authority over her rival Liu Xi.

In just three games, Chen Meng sealed the opening victory (11-3, 11-7, 11-7). The performance gave her team momentum.

Wang Yidi won the first two games against Bayi’s main player Mu Zi, but matters changed in the third game. Wang Yidi failed regain the momentum and lost in five games.

Shenzhen’s tandem hoped to establish a lead in the doubles. Qian Tianyi and Sun Yingsha tried their best to secure a winning point. Unfortunately, the opponents were much stronger that time. Qian and Sun lost in three games (11-1, 5-11, 11-7).

Chen Meng then came to the rescue in the fourth match. She faced Mu Zi. Feeling the pressure, Chen Meng lost the opening game but she was quick to regain control over the table. She won the succeeding games and eventually brought her team level at two-all (4-11, 11-9, 11-6, 11-3).

The final opportunity for the host team to create an upset rested on Sun Yingsha; her task was not a small challenge. She was up against Hu Limei.

Between the two, the latter had more experience. Hu Limei had beaten the Grand Slam champion Ding Ning in 2013.

Sun Yingsha tried not to be intimidated in the match as she fought hard in the decider. Hu Limei came prepared. The match went in favour of the more experienced player in (11-7, 10-12, 9-7).

Despite the loss, Shenzhen’s coach saw that all their players fought out their true level in the battle. Jia Jia believes that experience and comprehensive strength are two vital factors in the competition.

“Generally speaking, all the players played out their respective levels. But because of lack of experience and strength, we were not able to win the game.” Jia Jia concluded.

The Shenzhen Team is currently in the sixth place with four wins and four losses. They will be facing Shanxi in the next round of competition.

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