15 Nov 2016

We have seen transnational pairings in international competitions lately. This gives the young Japanese World Champion Miu Hirano hope to pair up with her Chinese idols Liu Shiwen and Zhang Jike in the doubles. Meanwhile, her Chinese coach, Liu Jie hopes her disciple to be one threatening and influential player in women's table tennis.

By Henry Chen 

“If there is a chance, I would like to play with Liu Shiwen or Chen Meng in the Doubles. As for the Mixed Doubles, my first choice is Zhang Jike.” Miu Hirano said.

The Qoros 2015 World Championships held in Suzhou, China allowed us to witness a new development in international competition. That is the transnational pairing for the Doubles events.

If the Japanese player will be given the opportunity, she would want to pair up with the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike in the Mixed Doubles.

Could that chance be possible in next year?

As Miu Hirano was still learning how to play table tennis, Chinese players already had a big impression on her. She revealed that she idolises the Chinese Grand Slam champion Zhang Yining and the four-time World Cup champion Liu Shiwen.

This year, Miu Hirano, at a very young age of 16, got a precious opportunity to  be like her idols. She successfully secured the championship title in the Seamaster 2016 Women’s World Cup. She did not just became the youngest to win the title but also the first non-Chinese athlete who was hailed champion in such tournament.

Since she was still young, Miu Hirano already aimed to train with the Chinese Team. Miu Hirano had her chance in 2013 after she joined the Japanese Youth Team. She was guided by a Chinese coach, Liu Jie.

Liu Jie admitted that she was a strict coach. But since Miu Hirano is very responsible and obedient, Liu Jie did not have much problems. As a coach, Liu Jie hopes for more effective development in her disciple’s skills.

“I hope that she will constantly improve in these years. I hope that she will be the kind of player who is threatening and influential in the table tennis world.” Liu Jie said.

Miu Hirano is indeed showing her threat to some Chinese players currently in the 2016 Chinese Super League. She has already recorded three victories. She has defeated Feng Yalan, Che Xiaoxi, and Guo Yan.

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