05 Jan 2017

Innovation is key factor in success; one of the most far seeing projects in guiding coaches and thus raising standards is the Mentorship Scheme promoted by the ITTF Development, Education and Training.

There are two such programmes in place. There is the Mentorship Programme linked to various International Training Centres and local training. Also, there is the Hopes Mentorship in which all eight coaches of the Hopes Team, at the current ITTF World Cadet Challenge which started on Friday 21st October, are involved.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor   

Supported by the Foundation for Global Sports Development, who financed the hospitality costs earlier in the year at the ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge in Doha, in addition to the preparation for the proceedings in Shanghai, two notable names in the guise of Romania’s Elena Sebe and Iran’s Omid Shams, are benefitting from the evening seminars conducted by China’s Chen Bin, the coach of Ding Ning, the current Olympic and World champion.

“It is very good. I have I learned a great deal from the seminars; players must practise hard, physical training is important and I know now I must spend more time with my players before matches”, said Elena Sebe. “Maybe I will change, my players are young, they need learn more.

Likewise Omid Shams was most impressed with the seminar.

“I think it was a high level session, coach Chen Bin is great; we have learned much from him; preparation before the game, including tactics, physical practice and so on”, said Omid Shams. “It was a good class; Ding Ning was a good example.”

In every aspect, mental, physical and technical, Ding Ning is a role model.

“I don’t intend to change my plans for the future but I learned a lot from session last night, I will make use of it”, added Omid Shams. “The players here are from all over the world, they are young and talented; my son Navid is here, he was the World Hopes Week champion, he works very hard, I’m proud of him.”

Aspiring young player but all must remember, it is hours of hard work that yields results; there is no shortcut. Just ask Chen Bin; even better ask Ding Ning.


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