15 Nov 2016

Liu Shiwen, just like any Olympic delegate of the Chinese Team in Rio de Janeiro, is still recovering her condition in this season’s Chinese Super League. At the start of the competition, Liu Shiwen already revealed that she hasn’t fully recovered yet. She hopes to get better in each round. Unfortunately, she recorded a defeat in the second round.

By Henry Chen

“My health was not that good some time ago. There were also a lot of activities. As of now, I have recovered around 60 to 70 percent of my condition. I will recover much better in the subsequent matches,” Liu Shiwen said after the first round of competition.

The 2016 Chinese Super League officially commenced last 15th October. In the opening round, Liu Shiwen acted as hero as she contributed two winning points for her Anxin Team.

“Today’s performance is okay. I played well the moment I got into the arena,” she added.

Liu Shiwen swept Yang Huijing and recorded a 3-1 victory against Guo Yan.

The 2016 Olympic Team champion is grateful for the support of her new team this season. She is thankful that they have effective training conditions and she hopes to pay the team back for the support.

“The training conditions of the club is also very effective. I hope I would be able to maintain good physical health to play each match. I will work hard with my teammates to repay the support of the team,” Liu Shiwen said.

In the second round of the competition, Liu Shiwen was not that successful as the opening. She lost one match where she was overwhelmed by Wang Manyi in 11-9, 11-8, 8-11, 8-11, 1-7.

Liu Shiwen is currently investing a lot of her time and effort in getting back to training. She hopes to contribute more in achieving their goals as a team.

“We are fighting to be in the top four this season,” she concluded.

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