21 Oct 2016

Present at the recent Rio 2016 Olympic Games where she competed in the Women’s Singles event, whilst joining forces with colleagues Dina Meshref and Yousry Helmy in the Egyptian Women’s Team; unfortunately, Nadeen El-Dawlatly will not be present at the forthcoming 2016 ITTF-Africa Senior Championships.

Proceedings commence in Agadir, Morocco on Monday 24th October and conclude on Sunday 30th October.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably Nadeen El-Dawlatly, a computer engineering undergraduate, is the only African player to have won an ITTF World Tour Women’s Singles title; she won in Lagos in 2014.

However, a recurring knee injury forced her to withdraw from the 2015 African Championship in Yaoundé, Cameroon; it has also prevented her competing in this year’s edition. She is recovering from necessary surgery.

“I am really sad that I will not participate in this year’s ITTF African Senior Championships in Morocco; it is really hard time for me; I wish my team all the best”, said Nadeen El-Dawlatly when speaking to Olalekan Okusan, the Press Officer for the ITTF-African Table Tennis Federation.

“I have had an injured knee for the past three years but it was not as severe as it is now; I had many anti-inflammation courses and last year, I had a lubricant injected into my knee”, added Nadeen El-Dawlatly. “After the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, it reached a point where surgical intervention was the only way out; so I had my surgery on Saturday 1st October, now I am in rehabilitation before commencing physical training.”

Recovering and Nadeen El-Dawlatly can expect a high level of family support; both mother and father played for Egypt. Pertinently her father, Ahmed is the ITTF Technical Expert; elder brother Mohamed is a Competition Manager and Information Technology Consultant.

 “My father and brother taught me everything basically, not only them; my mother and sister, who were former African champions”, explained Nadeen El-Dawlatly. “My family has given me the greatest support that is available and I could not have reached where I am without them; I love table tennis so much and I feel that I have so much more to give, more than anything I enjoy playing.”

Equally Nadeen El-Dawlatly excels at swimming and squash but it would seem that table tennis is top of the list.

“I am not sure yet what I will do after table tennis but definitely something related to the sport because I can’t live without it”, added Nadeen El-Dawlatly. “I feel like it is the perfect sport for me.”

A notable absentee in Morocco but Nadeen El-Dawlatly has full confidence in her compatriots.

“I have high expectations for the Championship in Morocco with a high level table tennis performance. I predict a full house of medals for Egypt,” she enthused. “I think table tennis has improved a lot in Africa, because ITTF is doing a pretty good job in helping table tennis grow in Africa and all the players are motivated to be better.”

Standards rising and in Rio de Janeiro, Nadeen El-Dawlatly underlined the fact that she can compete at a high level.

“The Rio 2016 Olympic Games was good, not my best in singles but I played much better in the team event against Singapore’s Feng Tianwei”, concluded Nadeen El-Dawlatly who in the Women’s Singles event had lost to Hungary’s Petra Lovas, a player of considerably more experience.

Undoubtedly in Agadir Nadeen El-Dawlatly would have been a major medal contender, she will just need to be patient; 2017 will come sooner than you think.

African Championships Nadeen El-Dawlatly