17 Jul 2020

The African Table Tennis Federation (ATTF) has officially confirmed the postponement of this year’s ITTF-Africa Senior Championships, a continental qualification event for the World Team Championships, to 2021.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

In a statement signed by the ATTF President, Khaled El-Salhy, the postponement became necessary owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has halted sporting activities across the globe.

“I wish to inform all table tennis friends and colleagues in your country, the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle in the current circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On Thursday 2nd July 2020, the ATTF Executive Committee had an online meeting to discuss the case for the ATTF Calendar of 2020 which had been suspended earlier until further notice. We are closely monitoring the global and continental situation day-by-day to come back to you with the following decision.

We acknowledge the continuation and expansion of the pandemic in the whole world and consequently in Africa, as there is no guaranteed medicine or vaccine available. Even normal international travel will not be possible till the end of 2020. Thus, it has been decided to postpone our following planned events:

  1. 2020 ITTF-Africa Youth, Junior & Cadet Championships to be held in Madagascar
  2. 2020 ITTF-Africa Senior Championships & World Team Championships qualification to be held in Cameroon


Exact new dates for both events are to be announced soon after checking the 2021 ITTF Calendar to ensure no conflict with other world sanctioned international events, to provide better planning to your top players and national teams.” Khaled El-Salhy

The 2020 ITTF-Africa Youth, Junior & Cadet Championships was originally scheduled to be held in Madagascar in April, while the 2020 ITTF-Africa Senior Championships in Cameroon was penned in for October.

African Championships Khaled El-Salhy