04 Oct 2016

Following her marriage with the Olympian from Chinese Taipei Chiang Hung-Chieh, Japanese star Ai Fukuhara is now in Germany supporting her better half. Recently, photos of Fukuhara were published over the internet. The Japanese main player clarified that she will continue to adhere with the competition for the Japanese Team and she is thankful for the support from Chiang Hung-Chieh.

By Henry Chen 

Cooking, grocery shopping and taking care of the house are just some of the activities that Ai Fukuhara is carrying out in Germany these days.

“Because he is competing in Czech Republic and in some parts of Europe, he is currently training in Germany. Therefore, I have to be in Germany, Japan, and Chinese Taipei,” Ai Fukuhara explained.

Ai Fukuhara doing grocery shopping in Germany. (Photo from Fukuhara’s Weibo account)


At the start of this month, Ai Fukuhara was placed in the spotlight all over the world after she was married to the Olympian from Chinese Taipei, Chiang Hung Chieh. Such issue eventually made the Japanese Table Tennis Association a bit worried as they expect Ai Fukuhara to play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

For Ai Fukuhara, she believes that it is rare to see women who are already married but are still active in the arena. But if there is that someone who will continue to support her all the way, then she will not give up on her dream. Fortunately, she gets that support from her husband.

“He (Chiang Hung Chieh) said that whatever my choice would be, he will always support me,” she explained.

The newlyweds enjoying their time in Germany. (Photo from Chiang Hung Chieh’s Weibo account)


Ai Fukuhara, currently, is the one who supports her better half. As a loving wife, Fukuhara tries to be domesticated for Chiang Hung Chieh. But despite such new lifestyle, the Japanese main player assured that she will still continue her athletic career.

She will still represent the Japanese Team in international competitions. She even expressed her desire to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and will give her efforts towards such goal.

“As a player, I will continue to represent Japan in the international competitions. I will feel proud.” Ai Fukuhara concluded.

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