02 Oct 2016

Day one at The Liebherr 2016 Men’s World Cup ended in the city of Saarbrucken in Germany with a total of 556 minutes streamed LIVE on ITTF's exclusive channel ITTF.com/itTV in HD.

Here's how to watch the matches on day two.

By Neha Aggarwal

ITTF’s LIVE Channel

All matches are LIVE on ITTF’s exclusive OTT channel ITTF.com/ittv. A total of 12 matches on two tables were aired Live on day one for 556 minutes. On day two 12 matches (knock out stage) will be streamed live and the Semi Finals and the Finals will be Live on Day three.

A total of 28 matches will be played for approximately 1260 hours in these three days.

LIVE Telecast on TV

If you are a looking to watch the games on the big  screen at home, here is the list of TV channels in various countries on which the matches are telecasted Live:

tv channela1 tv channels

Social networks:

We will constantly update the match highlights, scores, pictures and behind the scene spectacle across all our social networks:

Digital Access:

If you still don’t get a chance and have a busy weekend, read our constant updates on the website!

In venue

If you are in Germany and can travel, we do recommend traveling to Saarbucken and enjoying some action packed table tennis all weekend!

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