20 Dec 2023

The ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu 2023 came to a successful conclusion on 10 December, with strong performances across all stats and sustaining an enduring fervour for table tennis.

CCTV (CMG), China’s broadcaster, amassed a staggering 240 million cumulative viewers. The sports channel reigned atop ratings and viewership shares for an entire week.

The event also caused a buzz across the net on digital media platforms. On Weibo, 112 trends were generated during the event, accumulating 37.89 million engagements and an 8.1 billion impression count. The event amassed over 20 million views on Douyin. Additionally, Baidu recorded about 21.9 million search results for the Mixed Team World Cup.

The official ticketing platform Damai witnessed an extraordinary demand, exemplified by the rapid sale of 39,535 initial tickets, with a staggering 35,000 tickets sold out within the first hour. The subsequent sales were equally swift, as 10,000 additional tickets were purchased in just 7 minutes. This fervour eventually culminated in a grand total of 60,139 tickets sold, amassing an impressive box office revenue of approximately 28 million yuan.

The latest data underscores the positive impact of the hosting of the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup 2023. During the event week, travel orders exhibited an impressive surge, with an overall increase of 40% in travel transactions, a notable 46% spike in hotel bookings, and a remarkable 68% surge in airfare transactions compared to 2019. This translated into a substantial economic boost, contributing a total of 260 million yuan across sports, hospitality, dining, transportation, and retail sectors.

Wuhou District in Chengdu, the host of the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu 2023, boasts a wealth of cultural and tourism treasures. Home to renowned landmarks like Wuhou Temple, Huaxi Dam, Wangjiang Pavilion, and Yulin Ballad Lane, this district experienced a surge in visitor footfall during the event. The bustling Yulin East Road, situated near the Sichuan Gymnasium, witnessed a remarkable upswing in activity. Sales for merchants along this street surged by 20% to 80%. Notably, casual dining and light food businesses thrived with an impressive 80% surge, while beauty salons saw a robust 50% increase. Retail, cultural enterprises, and beverage vendors flourished with escalations of around 40% and 20%, respectively.

The ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu 2023 introduced a groundbreaking mixed team format, championing gender equality and diversity, fostering collaboration and solidarity in the sport. This innovation elevated the event’s appeal to spectators and athletes, enriching the game’s strategy and excitement. Looking ahead, this groundbreaking event will return to Chengdu for the next consecutive years until 2027, continuing its legacy of promoting inclusivity and innovation in table tennis. Beyond its immediate impact, the event aspires to leave a lasting legacy and inspire a new era of sporting inclusivity.

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