30 Sep 2016

Success on home soil in Chengdu at the recent 2016 SheSays ITTF World Tour China Open but for Fan Zhendong second spot on the Men’s World Rankings remains his lot; the man he beat in the final, colleague Ma Long, remains at the very pinnacle on the listings issued on Thursday 29th September.

Furthermore, depending on your point of view, Ma Long has reached a notable milestone in his career.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

It is the 49th time that Ma Long has appeared in top spot on the Men’s World Rankings but if you take into consideration the fact that an interim order of merit was produced immediately after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games; then the half century mark has been reached.

In essence, the listing produced after the proceedings in Rio de Janeiro had concluded, was in essence the same as that for September.

However, what is not in doubt is the fact that Ma Long first assumed the no.1 spot on the Men’s World Rankings in January 2010 and the present unbroken run commenced in March 2015.

Consolidation for Ma Long, it is notable progress for Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Ting, the somewhat surprise quarter-final winner against Xu Xin in Chengdu; the 25-year-old moves from no.9 to no.7 and thus owns the highest status of his career.

The previous best for Wong Chun Ting was earlier this year when he stood at no.8 for the four-month period commencing in May.

Sandwiched in between Fan Zhendong and Wong Chun Ting; Xu Xin remains at no.2, followed by compatriot Zhang Jike with Japan’s Jun Mizutani and Germany’s Dimitrij Ovtvcharov being the next in line.

Progress for Wong Chun Ting means a drop of one place for both Chinese Taipei’s Chuang Chih-Yuan and Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus; Chuang Chih-Yuan is now at no.8, Vladimir Samsonov is one place lower.

Korea’s Jeoung Youngsik retains the no.10 spot with China’s Fang Bo and Portugal’s Marcos Freitas completing the top 12 names. Fang Bo climbs one place; Marcos Freitas drops two places.

Highlights from the recent 2016 ITTF World Tour China Open

 Progress for Wong Chun Ting, there is also notable progress for colleague Ho Kwan Kit; he advances from no.53 to no.36.

Similarly, Germany’s Benedikt Duda climbs the order of merit; he moves from no.101 to no.83 and thus equals the highest status of his career, he occupied the same position in April.

Status equalled, for India’s Sathiyan Gnanasekaren and Belgium’s Cédric Nuytinck, the Men’s Singles finalists at the recent 2016 ITTF World Tour Belgium Open, it is status improved.

Both enjoy the highest listings of their careers. Cédric Nuytinck moves from no.113 to no.95; Sathiyan Gnanasekaran from no.152 to no.113; the previous highest listing for both were, as with Benedikt Duda were six months ago at the beginning of April.

On that occasion Cédric Nuytinck was listed at no.102, Sathiyan Gnanasekaran at no.146.

No change at the top of the Men’s World Rankings; it is the same at the top of the Under 21 Men’s World Rankings. Fan Zhendong remains in top spot, followed by Brazil’s Hugo Calderano and Japan’s Yuto Muramatsu.

Likewise, in the Under 18 Boys’ World Rankings and Under 15 Boys’ World Rankings, there is no change at the top.

Tomokazu Harimoto heads both lists with colleagues being very much in evidence; on the former Yuto Kizukuri is at no.3, one place behind Korea’s Cho Seungmin.

On the latter Yukiya Uda occupies second place with Russia’s Vladimir Sidorenko next in line.

Thursday 29th September: Latest World Rankings

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