14 Sep 2016

Zhang Jike is a superstar in Table Tennis and people enjoy knowing more about him. This week, Chinese media revealed some of his luxury toys which involve a sports car and high-valued watches. So why are people interested in him? Zhang Jike gave his comment about it.

By Henry Chen

A sports car, and watches that cost a fortune. These are just some of the luxury items Zhang Jike possesses right now. This week, Chinese media paid attention on some of Zhang Jike’s luxury assets.

First on the list is the sleek black Maserati that the Grand Slam champion drives whenever he has spare time or most probably when he is allowed to do so. This sports car starts at $70,000 and can go up to around $180,000.

Zhang Jike’s black Maserati GT. (Photo from CFP)

Zhang Jike also wants to check the time in style. He is reported to have around four luxury watches from the brands of Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet. These watches can cost as low as $20,000 to $100,000. We can say that Zhang Jike truly values time.

Zhang Jike wearing a $500 D&G shirt and the Richard Mille RM 055. (Photo from Sina Sports)

So why are the people very much interested with Zhang Jike, especially after the Rio Olympic Games?

Zhang Jike answered:

“I will also think about why everyone’s fondness on me increased so much compared to four years ago. I think it is because everyone saw the gradual maturity in me. In the competition (Rio Olympic Games), my efforts were not just for my personal achievement. It was more for the team.”

Indeed, there was development and maturity from Zhang Jike ever since he made his name for himself in the 2011 World Championships.

Zhang Jike ripping his jersey off after he secured the 2011 World Championship title. (Photo from Netease)

Zhang Jike failed to defend his title against Ma Long in the 2016 Olympic Men’s Singles finals. But after the competition, Zhang Jike’s popularity was still magnified.

He was the most searched sports personality on Weibo during the Rio Olympic Games. He garnered a total of around 400 million searches, putting other sports superstars below him on the list.

Whatever the situation, Zhang Jike certainly has his own way of getting the spotlight.



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