23 Aug 2016

The Chinese Men's Team achieved another outstanding victory in the Olympic Games and this time, Xu Xin was a part of it. It was the first appearance of Xu Xin in the quadrennial Games and he said that it will definitely not be his last. The 26-year old left handed pen-hold player pledged to be in Tokyo four years from now.

By Henry Chen 

“I should enjoy this moment, after all we are champions and not losers!” said Xu Xin.

After just being the substitute player for the Chinese Men’s Team in the London Olympic Games, Xu Xin successfully earned his qualification this time in Rio. He was chosen to be third person who completed the lineup of the Chinese team for the Olympic Team event.

The left handed pen-hold player performed well in the earlier stages of the competition. But when he was given a huge task in the final round where China met Japan, Xu Xin, in that match, failed to deliver a positive result. He lost to Jun Mizutani in a full distance match.

Xu Xin getting some advice from head coach Liu Guoliang. (Photo by Xinhua Net)

Xu Xin’s problem, according to the head coach is definitely a weak mental strength. Despite leading in the decider, he allowed his opponent to overcome him. Xu Xin can certainly learn a thing or two from such experience.

“This is the Olympic Games. I told him to forget the previous match. I told him that he needs to learn from this. He understood it now. If he will encounter this kind of situation in the Tokyo Olympic Games, he will be able to nail it,” commented Liu Guoliang.

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games is not a very ideal journey for the 26-year old Chinese player. He needs to redeem himself from his defeat in the Team event finals and also aims to participate in the Olympic Singles. Therefore he pledged to invest his time and effort in preparing for the next one in Tokyo.

“But after this enjoyment, I will start to prepare for the next Olympic cycle. Thank you for everyone’s care and for those who encouraged me, my friends, the fans, and family! You have brought me unmeasurable strength. I will use this strength as a motivation. I will always go forward! Tokyo, wait for me!” Xu Xin exclaimed.

There is still a long way to go before the Tokyo Olympic Games. Anything can happen in four years time but an unfailing determination can bring him closer to his goal.

Maybe a happy love life on the side won’t hurt. Xu Xin with his long-time girlfriend Yao Yan. (Photo from Sina Sports)
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