03 Aug 2016

Described as social playground of art, design, music and ping pong innovations; Pongathon is table tennis in a party atmosphere.

The accent is on the social aspect of the sport, creating harmony and goodwill by arranging tournaments or whatever on a light hearted basis.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Following the Eurovision Song Contest, staged in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden; an even bigger party was held. Pongathon took over Stockholm to lay on probably the largest social ping pong event in Sweden for the King organisation.

A light hearted occasion, a chance to try table tennis, a chance to enjoy table tennis was organised.

King Company

King is a company that produced “Candy Crush Saga”; a video game. Naming themselves the “Kingsters”, they participated in team based tournament in Stockholm’s Stockholmsmässan, the largest event and conference venue in Europe.

Live music from a spaceship was arranged with dry ice also being pumped out to add to the atmosphere.

Supported by the Swedish Table Tennis Association, an enjoyable event was enjoyed by all.

Further Information

For further details visit: http://www.pongathon.com


Smiling faces at Pongathon in Stokholm

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