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Date: 14 to 16 December

San Jose, Costa Rica

Update on 29/10/2022: We have received more than 70 entries before the 1st entry deadline so the tournament is confirmed. Please, send your second entries as soon as possible and no later than 14/11/2022

Important documents

Draw, results and classification documents


Please respect the following deadlines for that event:

  • Second entry by name: 14/11/2022
  • Travel details: 01/12/2022

Classification services provided

All players needing classification must send the Consent Form  and Medical Diagnostics Form using this link at least one month before the start of the tournament.

  • First classification for new athletes with Physical Impairment (Max. 18 athletes)
  • Reevaluation for already classified athletes with Physical Impairment
  • Classification for Intellectual Impaired athletes