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Update on 01/03/2020: After the cancellation of some tournaments in February and March, the TCS was amended. Full details can be found in this letter.

Update on 09/06/2020: After a process of consultation with different stakeholders, IPC and ITTF have agreed on the adjustments to the qualification guide:

Update on 17/12/2020: IPC and ITTF have agreed on one additional adjustment to the qualification guide: Inactive players will be allowed to enter the Paralympic WQT (dates have slightly changed) provided that they competed in at least one event during the the qualification period.

Update on 11/02/2021: Due to the uncertain situation of the pandemic, ITTF and IPC have agreed on postponing the Paralympic WQT to 3 to 5 June.  Consequently, the timeline of the qualification guide has been adjusted including the deadline for the bipartite application process which has been extended to 9 April 2021.

Update on 07/04/2021: In order to give the NPCs more time to decide, the deadline for the bipartite application process has been extended to 14 May 2021.

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