Thank you for your interest in obtaining media accreditation for the Liebherr 2018 ITTF Men’s World Cup, Paris (FRA) on 19 to 21 Oct 2018. The deadline to submit your media accreditation is 11 Oct 2018.

Liebherr 2018 ITTF Men's World Cup Media Accreditation

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, png.
    Photo specifications 1. Face in full view. Nothing (like sunglasses, a hat, hood, scarf) should hide any part of the face. 2. Format: jpg/jpeg 3. Size: between 100KB and 3 MB in 4:3 aspect ratio / 4. Please name the file the following way: 1. Your last / family name in capital letters, 2. Your first name/s (example: BOLL Timo.jpeg) / Spécifications de la photo 1. Visage en entier. Rien (lunettes de soleil, chapeau, cagoule, écharpe) ne doit cacher une partie du visage. 2. Format: jpg / jpeg 3. Taille: entre 100 Ko et 3 Mo au format 4:3 / 4. Nommez le fichier de la manière suivante: 1. Votre nom en majuscule, 2. Votre prénom (exemple: BOLL Timo.jpeg)
  • The guidelines can be downloaded here:
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