After the Olympic Games and World Championships the Seamaster 2016 Women’s World Cup is the most important table tennis tournament in the world. The 20 best women – maximum of two players per nation – will battle against each other to win this prestigious title.

Entry List

Women’s Starting list

WR Name Country Qualification
6 FENG Tianwei Singapore Asian Cup 3rd place
8 CHENG I-Ching Chinese Taipei Substitute
11 Mima ITO Japan Asian Cup 6th place
16 Petrissa SOLJA Germany Substitute
17 Miu HIRANO Japan Asian Cup 5th place
18 TIE Yana Hong Kong Asian Cup 4th place
21 Jia LIU Austria Europe Cup 3rd place
27 Melek HU Turkey Europe Cup 2nd place
28 YANG Haeun Korea Republic Asian Cup 9th place
32 Elizabeta SAMARA Romania Europe Cup 4th place
34  Georgina POTA Hungary Europe Cup 7th place
39 JIANG Huajun Hong Kong Asian Cup 7th place
56 Sabine WINTER Germany Europe Cup 6th place
57 Yanfei SHEN Spain Europe Cup Winner
63 Sofia POLCANOVA Austria Europe Cup 5th place
100 Lily ZHANG United States of America Wild Card
120 Dina MESHREF Egypt African Cup Winner
142 Yue WU United States of America North American Cup Winner
162 Zhenhua DEDERKO Australia Ocean Cup Winner
223 Lady RUANO Colombia Latin American Cup Winner