• Introduction

    This is an initiative from the ITTF Competition Department and the ITTF Athletes Commission. Players are the core of table tennis events and as such we value your opinion and require your feedback. Coaches play an important role in players' lives, we therefore appreciate your feedback, so we can together develop table tennis events further. Comments from other officials are also welcome.
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    All details will remain anonymous, but we kindly ask you to fill in all data so we can contact you for further discussion and exchange of ideas, as deemed necessary.
  • Please add your email address, in case we would like to contact you for further information.
  • Event

  • If the event is not included in the drop-down above, please write here the event name.
  • Venue

    Examples: Was the venue easy to navigate around (clear signage etc)? How was the competition hall (Air Condition, Lights etc)? How was the practice hall (Same playing conditions as competition hall, distance of practice hall to competition hall)?
  • Hospitality

    Examples: Hotel facilities, variety of food for each meal, were the buses running on schedule every day? Waiting time from airport to hotel?
  • Sport Specific and Other

  • Examples: Comments on playing schedule, playing system, multi ball, overall playing conditions, equipment etc
  • Examples: Comments on players lounge, medical services etc
  • Any other suggestions/comments to add?
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