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Following the emerging situation with the outbreak of COVID-19 in different parts of the world, the ITTF is closely monitoring all upcoming events. In order to reduce the anxiety of those more concerned in these times, during pre-match and post-match procedures (call-area / on-court arrival), if the persons involved feel more comfortable with, a typical “bow” or a hand rising salutation shall be used, rather than offering the traditional handshakingFor more information about COVID-19, please click here.

Invitation to Umpire

    WTT  Events: 
  • WTT  Contender Tunis, TUNISIA  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 18 April 2023)
  • WTT  Contender Lagos, NIGERIA  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 18 April 2023)
  • WTT  Contender Zagreb, CROTIA  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 30 April 2023)
  • WTT Star Contender Ljubljana, SLOVENIA  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 05 May 2023)
  • WTT  Feeder Havirov, CZECHIA  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 27 May 2023)
  • WTT  Contender Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN  –  Nomination Form (Deadline: 29 June 2023)
WTT Youth Series Events
  • WTT Youth Contender Havirov CZECHIA 2023 Nomination Form (Deadline: 30 March 2023)
  • WTT Youth Contender Helsingborg SWEDEN 2023 Nomination Form (Deadline: 10 April 2023
  • WTT Youth Contender Hong Kong 2023: Nomination Form (Deadline: 06 June 2023)
          ITTF Events

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WTT Events:

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