On this page information and the composition of the athletes commission can be found:


Name Role E-mail
Vladimir Samsonov Chairperson vsamsonov11@gmail.com
Ashu Jain Vice Chair ajain17@aol.com
Angela Mori Full Members lindamori@hotmail.com 
April Kwok See Yu Full Members april.fishy@gmail.com 
Alena Kanova Full Members alena.kanova@azet.sk
Dave Powell Full Members dave_powell@hotmail.com
El-Sayed Lashin Full Members elsayed_lashin80@yahoo.com
Krisztina Toth Full Members krisztina1toth@yahoo.com
Saive Jean-Michel Full Members jeanmisaive@hotmail.com
Wang Liqin Full Members wangliqin618@vip.sina.com
Zoran Primorac Full Members zoranprimorac@yahoo.com