The ITTF Coach Accreditation Scheme (CAS) started in 2004, and includes face-to-face courses with theoretical and practical components in four main languages. Since its launch, more than 650 courses have been conducted worldwide, with over 6,000 coaches certified across the 3 implemented levels of the current CAS.

Objectives of the project is

  • To provide quality training education for table tennis coaches. By advancing through the different levels of the CAS, coaches will need to show progress in mastering presented material:
    • Knowledge (able to recall or remember the information)
    • Comprehension (able to understand the information)
    • Application (able to use the information they have learned in the same or in different contexts)
    • Analysis (able to analyze the information by identifying its different components)
    • Synthesis (able to create something new using different chunks of the information already mastered)
    • Evaluation (able to present opinions, justify decisions, and make judgments about the information presented, based on knowledge previously acquired)
  • Introduce blended learning to the CAS:
    • where education is organized at least partly through online learning, where the student has at least some elements of control over time, place, path, and pace
    • partly in a supervised brick-and-mortar location
    • and ensure that coaches will have an integrated learning experience.
  • Ensure that the new CAS is in line with the International Sport Coaching Framework

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