Below are two essential principles in the field of anti-doping, and related actions to take, that Players AND their Support Personnel, ie coaches, trainers, managers, agents, team staff, officials, medical and paramedical personnel, parents MUST remember to avoid inadvertent doping:


Players, and only Players, are responsible for what goes into their body (the “strict liability” principle)!

This means that a violation occurs whether or not the athlete intentionally, knowingly or unknowingly, used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault.


  • Doctors must be informed that the Players they treat are subject to anti-doping regulations.

A Therapeutic Use Exemption for the use of a prohibited substance or method is required from ITTF if you are an International-Level Player, ie:

Among the 250 Men and 200 Women in the General List of ITTF World Ranking, in table tennis,

Among the first 8 Men and Women in each Class in the para table tennis rating.

Other Players must refer to their National Anti-Doping Organization (NADOs).

  • Check your medication!

Many NADOs have developed webtools and databases providing information about the prohibited status of specific medications, including specific national trademarks and names, should the case occur. You may also use a ‘check your medication’ online like globalDRO ( If you do not find the information you are looking for, or if still in doubt, send an email to [email protected].

For more information, check the International Testing Agency’s “Checking Your Medication – A Guide For Athletes“.

  • Take precaution before using any nutritional or dietary supplements!

Too many anti-doping rules violations result from the consumption of prohibited substances in contaminated, poorly or wrongly labeled supplements. Extreme caution is required before using any of them.

A way to minimize the risks include, for example, a careful assessment of your needs with a sports doctor or a professional sports nutritionist with a sound awareness of anti-doping and informed that you are subject to anti-doping regulations.

Also, many NADOs have developed dedicated webpages dealing with this very important issue, some include links to risk minimization programs. Check your own!

For more information, check the International Testing Agency’s “How To Check Your Supplements- A Guide For Athletes“.


Doping is not all about the presence of a prohibited substance in a player’s sample!

It also affects Player’s Support Personnel, and it is also about use, evading, refusing, tampering, possession, whereabouts failures, trafficking, administration, complicity, and prohibited association with Athlete Support Personnel who are currently suspended from working with Athletes or other Persons.

WADA publishes and regularly updates the Prohibited Association List including the name, nationality and end date of the disqualifying status of Athlete Support Personnel who have committed anti-doping rule violations. All Players are prohibited from associating with any such Athlete Support Personnel.