The essential information and documents about Anti Doping can be found on this page:

The ITTF, effective 1st July 2018, has fully entrusted its anti-doping work to the International Testing Agency (ITA), including in and out-of-competition testing, test-distribution planning, intelligence-gathering, and TUE exemptions.

Since 1st January 2020, the ITTF has signed an agreement with the Court of Arbitration of Sport Anti-Doping Division (CAS ADD), agreeing to delegate its first-instance authority to adjudicate alleged anti-doping rule violations and any sanctions, if applicable, to the CAS ADD and in doing so, accepting the CAS ADD Rules to apply to any doping-related procedure.



is a platform where you can share information about doping suspicion in a completely anonymous and secure manner – managed independently by the International Testing Agency (ITA). Every piece of information is important in the fight for clean sport and through REVEAL you can support the investigation of anti-doping rule violations or criminal behaviour.