05 Jun 2024

ITTF Seeks Host for Groundbreaking Esports/VR Table Tennis World Title Event in Fourth Quarter of the Year

The ITTF is now accepting bids to host the inaugural Esports/VR World Table Tennis Championships Finals 2024, with the bidding period open until the end of June. The host city will be announced during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Following an online qualification period open to all, the Finals will gather the top eight men’s and women’s players for a final face-off in a spectated arena in the fourth quarter of the year.

The ITTF Executive Board announced in December last year that the inaugural Esports/VR Table Tennis World Title Event would take place in 2024. Embracing digital transformation and acknowledging the evolving landscape of sports, the ITTF is set to revolutionise table tennis by introducing an innovative experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

This initiative aligns with the ITTF’s commitment to being at the forefront of the Olympic Movement, with an eye on potential inclusion in the International Olympic Committee’s exploration of Olympic Esports Games.

Esports/VR Table Tennis gained international recognition when it was featured as an exhibition sport at the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore in June 2023. This milestone affirmed the sport’s growing prominence in the competitive gaming arena, foreshadowing its ascension to a global stage.

ITTF President and IOC Member Petra Sörling commented, “We are looking for a host that will be a full partner in shaping the future of table tennis. After the success of the Olympic Esports Series, this new event will take our sport to new heights and ensure we are well-prepared and experienced to contribute significantly to any future multi-Esports events.”

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