23 Mar 2024

With just one month remaining until World Table Tennis Day 2024, ITTF eagerly anticipates the celebration of our beloved sport. This year, the theme of “Diversity and Inclusion” takes centre stage, marking a significant shift as the theme extends beyond a single year for the first time. 

Chosen to emphasise the unifying nature of table tennis, the theme of “Diversity and Inclusion” underscores the sport’s ability to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. It serves as a powerful reminder that diversity enhances our sporting communities, creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, or physical abilities, can actively participate and thrive. 

As we eagerly anticipate the global celebrations on April 23, member associations from around the world are gearing up to host events and activities to mark this special occasion. From Costa Rica to Lebanon, Australia to Morocco, and Germany to every corner of the globe, our continental federations and member associations are leading the way in promoting inclusivity and diversity within the sport. 

With 32 Promoters from 30 different countries and territories chosen to expand the celebratory vibes of WTTD on April 23, 2024, the global love for the sport is on full display. These dedicated individuals, selected from 80 applicants across 5 continents, represent a diverse array of cultural, social, and professional backgrounds, as well as gender identities. 

At the heart of the celebrations lies a lineup of unique activities aimed at spreading joy and unity. Celebrating where it all began, the ITTF Foundation has partnered with Promenaden Leipzig Central Station for the WTTD festivities on April 23, 2024, in Leipzig, Germany. As one of Europe’s largest railway stations, Promenaden Leipzig Central Station welcomes millions of passengers annually. 

This year also marks the ITTF Foundation’s fifth anniversary of leveraging table tennis for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, promoting positive global change since its inception in 2019. Serving as the epicentre of global celebrations, the Leipzig event will feature various activities, including the #TTBelongsToYou Teams Tournament and Diversity and Inclusion sessions. These endeavours, alongside fun interactions with renowned players, aim to spread joy and excitement to all participants. 

We invite table tennis enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to join us in celebrating diversity and inclusion in the sport. Stay updated on all the latest news and events by following the ITTF Foundation’s website. Together, let us come together to celebrate the sport we love and embrace the values of diversity and inclusion on April 23! 

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