16 Mar 2024

The ‘Home of Table Tennis Singapore’ (HoTT SG) project marks its one-year milestone since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the Singapore Smash 2023. Launched to explore innovative ways to promote table tennis as a sport “for all, for life,” HoTT SG has quickly become a driving force in transforming the landscape of table tennis in Singapore and fosters its growth in the region. 

For the first time, under the Singapore Smash 2024 brand, Singapore hosts a WTT Youth Star Contender and a Para showcase alongside the main event. This inclusion maximises the sustainable use of venue and equipment while providing an inclusive platform for players of all categories. By seamlessly integrating a Para table tennis and youth event, the Singapore Smash 2024 sets a new standard for events, fostering inclusivity and accessibility within the sport. 

Kubra Korkut (TUR) won the Women's Singapore Smash Para Showcase
Kubra Korkut (TUR) won the Women’s Singapore Smash Para Showcase

In the Para showcase, the event has brought the stars of para table tennis to the forefront, featuring players from the Class 6-7 Men’s and Women’s Singles categories, including William Bayley, who recently earned the title of Male Para Player of the Year 2023 at the ITTF Awards in Busan last month. Speaking on the event, Para player Peter Rosenmeier remarked, “Now we have the chance, we should show the world what we can do. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of the event and hopefully it can be the first step towards more integrated events in the future.” 

The WTT Youth Star Contender event is unfolding over the final four days of the Singapore Smash and will serve as a platform for Singapore’s emerging talents and the world’s top U15 and U19 players to compete. These additions showcase ITTF and WTT’s concerted efforts to elevate the growth and development of table tennis. By providing exposure to young talents, the aim is to expand opportunities and foster a legacy for youth players, ensuring a bright future for the sport in Singapore and globally. 

Rafael Lim (SGP) at WTT Youth Star Contender Singapore 2024
Rafael Lim (SGP) at WTT Youth Star Contender Singapore 2024

The impact of the HoTT SG initiative is already evident. This year, a record-breaking 19 Singaporean players participated in the Singapore Smash 2024, while 32 Singaporean rising stars participated in the youth event showcasing the nation’s growing interest and talent in the sport.  

In addition to the competitive matches, Singapore Smash 2024 also featured Meet, Greet & Play events that provided invaluable opportunities to develop local players. On March 11, 104 players from the Singapore Table Tennis Association (STTA) Junior Development Squad and Youth Training Squad, aged 13 to 19, participated in spirited matches and interactions with Singapore Smash players. The subsequent day saw the participation of 90 young players, aged 5 to 9, from five STTA Zone training centres, highlighting their unwavering passion for table tennis. 

These events, complemented by the Coaching Clinic that brought together 29 coaches, underscore the collective dedication to nurturing table tennis talent. Notably, international coaches also graced the occasion, imparting valuable insights and inspiration to budding table tennis future stars. 

The Meet, Greet & Play events with senior players provided invaluable opportunities to develop local talents
The Meet, Greet & Play events with senior players provided invaluable opportunities to develop local talents

Moreover, the Singapore Smash Community Challenge drew hundreds of participants to the Singapore Smash Park, further solidifying Singapore’s reputation as a vibrant hub for table tennis enthusiasts.  

“SportSG and ITTF have been working closely to raise the profile of table tennis in Singapore. Discussions for the HoTT Singapore are progressing well, and we look forward to growing our table tennis fraternity and expanding capability development opportunities for our coaches and officials. This year’s inclusion of the WTT Youth Star Contender and Para Table Tennis showcase at Singapore Smash 2024 saw our next generation of youth paddlers in action, and makes table tennis more accessible and inclusive. We look forward to doing more together with ITTF and WTT,” said Alan Goh, CEO of SportSG. 

ITTF acknowledges the pivotal roles of Sport Singapore and our collaborative partnership across various areas, such as major events hosting, athletes and officials’ development, and community engagement and inclusivity. Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO commented, “The Singapore Smash 2024 showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in developing table tennis and advancing its inclusivity. By hosting events like the WTT Youth Star Contender and Para showcase alongside the prestigious Singapore Smash, we are not only fostering greater accessibility but also inspiring the next generation of players and fans. We commend Sport Singapore for their unwavering support and partnership in making initiatives like the HoTT Singapore project a reality. This reflects our joint commitment to growing the sport regionally and ensuring that table tennis truly is a sport for all, for life.” 


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