05 Mar 2024

The ITTF Development department is delighted to present their 2023 Annual Report. With Programs and Projects targeted at globalizing competitiveness, empowering Member Associations and bringing table tennis to all corners of the globe, the report highlights achievements and results.

In 2023, the Development Projects and Programs engaged 186 Member Associations (81.9%), which underlines the success in reaching and collaborating with stakeholders across the world.

“The efforts and commitment of the global community have truly propelled the Program towards new heights with an activation rate of 81.9% in our programs – a significant year-on-year improvement and a true reflection of the success of our Programs and Projects, with the broad and grassroots-oriented scope of the participation program on the one hand, and the modular and tailored mix of incentives accessible through our projects. The progress achieved is a true reflection of the shared commitment of ITTF and its Member Associations the Development Program is based on, and we are proud of the great interactions and feedback we receive from the membership”, said Polona Cehovin, who led the Development team in 2023.

Member Associations were able to access projects aimed at athlete development and capacity building within Member Associations, such as player grants, mentorships, Para TT development initiatives, and educational activities for coaches, match officials, and technical officials. Under the Participation Program incentives, MAs were supported in the overall development and growth of table tennis, focused on a tailor-made approach based on the individual needs of each Member Association.

With Projects and Programs rolling out for 2024, the Development Department is looking forward to another year of fruitful and successful cooperation with all Member Associations.

To read the 2023 Development Annual Report in detail, click here.

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