22 Feb 2024

It's time for the Quarterfinals of the ITTF World Championships Finals 2024. Stay ahead of the thrilling moments happening today in Busan. We'll bring you the key moments, and exhilarating games as they unfold.

Full match schedules and live results are available here and you can catch the action live in this link.

Wrapping Up Day 7: Japan Triumphs Over Team Romania in Women’s Teams

As Day 7 draws to a close, Japan emerges victorious over Team Romania with a 3-0 win in the women’s teams event. The match was anything but easy, with Bernadette Szocs putting up a fierce fight against Mima Ito in the first match, narrowly falling short with a 3-2 loss. However, Ito’s performance set the pace for her teammates to follow suit, ultimately securing a spot in the semifinals. Japan now gears up to face Hong Kong, China in the next round.

China Displays Dominance in Men’s Teams Quarterfinals, Defeating Japan 3-0

In a showcase of their prowess, powerhouse China proved their top seed status with a commanding 3-0 victory over Japan in the men’s teams quarterfinals. Despite a strong start from the young Sora Matsushima, who put up a valiant fight against world number 1, Fan Zhendong, falling short with consecutive close losses of 12-10, Wang Chuqin and Ma Long sealed the deal convincingly. Tomorrow’s matchup will determine whether Host Korea Republic or Team Denmark will face China in the next round.

Speaking on his match against, Harimoto, Wang Chuqin said, ” I was mentally prepared for the possibility of a defeat [after our last Team’s encounter in Chengdu 2022] as Harimoto’s form is really picking up lately – he won the recent All-Japan National Championships and also beat Lin Yun-Ju at the group stage earlier, so I was well prepared for a tough match. For a fiery player like Harimoto, the atmosphere at a Teams competition might also allow him to let loose and play the best table tennis. I didn’t manage the first game very well, leading to some unforced errors, but in the second and third games, I was able to keep things within my control and gradually got used to his attacks and good-quality shots. I would say that I played better towards the end of the match.”

France’s Women’s Team Shines in Thrilling Quarterfinal Victory Over Germany!

Team France’s women’s team showcased brilliance, conquering Team Germany in an exhilarating quarterfinal clash! Despite a shaky start against Germany’s Nina Mittelham, Prithika Pavade bounced back with a flawless 3-0 win, setting up a semifinal clash with Team China, and also securing a podium finish for her team! What a day it has been for the French here in Busan, with both men’s and women’s teams securing a medal finish.

“We feel amazing right now. We are all speechless. I think it’s definitely our best result in team events. The main reason for our win is definitely the team spirit. We are five girls that dreamt about this moment, I think for many years now. And yeah, I’m just so grateful to have them as teammates and so, so happy. Speechless right now.” – An ecstatic Prithika Pavade after France’s win.

China Demonstrates Dominance in Busan as Korea Republic Concludes Remarkable Run

Home side Korea Republic bid farewell to the Women’s Teams event after their defeat to top seed China. Despite a 3-0 loss, Korea Republic showcased their resilience giving the home crowd a lot to cheer. Meanwhile, China’s unwavering dominance in Busan persists, further solidifying their status as favourites.

“I was leading at the start and the middle of the third game, but she managed to catch up and take the lead towards the end. I didn’t panic at that time and was able to stick to my strategy in a determined manner, eventually taking the win.” – Wang Yidi 

France Secures First Semifinal Spot with Victory Over Team Portugal

France secured the first semifinal spot after a splendid win over Team Portugal. Despite initially trailing 1-0, the French team displayed resilience and bounced back with three consecutive wins. Felix’s decisive victory sealed the win, prompting celebrations among the French team as they secured a podium finish here in Busan.

“I feel amazing and I secured two points for this match. I’m thrilled to have won both of my matches. The first one went well for me, and I played quite solidly. I believe I had a slight edge over Apolonia in service receive. The second match against Freitas was challenging; he played exceptionally well, and I had to bring my A-game. It was a tough battle, but I’m very happy to have come out on top in both matches for the team.” – Felix Lebrun

Quarterfinals Kick Off with Thrilling Showdown: Hong Kong, China Triumphs Over Chinese Taipei in Five-Match Thriller

The quarterfinals commenced with an electrifying match as Hong Kong; China emerged victorious over Chinese Taipei in a thrilling five-match encounter. The tension escalated as Zhu Chengzhu battled fiercely, ultimately sealing the win with a nerve-wracking 16-14 victory over Chinese Taipei’s Chen Szu-Yu. This victory means, Hong Kong, China have secured a medal in this year’s ITTF World Championships Finals.

“We feel unbelievable because the Chinese Taipei team has a very high ranking, and I think they were better than us before the match. During our preparation, we didn’t focus on winning each match but rather on giving our best and enjoying the game, as our goal was to qualify for the Olympics, and we have already achieved that. I’m so proud of my team.” – Doo Hoi Kem 

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