01 Feb 2024

Following the success of four Competition Management seminars in 2022, it became evident that there was a significant interest in such activities. Consequently, an online service was developed and introduced in 2023. Recognizing the growing need for well-trained Competition Managers (CMs) to oversee regional and continental events within some continents, the  Advanced Competition Management Seminars ensure that potential candidates are well-trained and exposed to a higher level of competition management.

From 6-9 January 2024, a noteworthy event for technical officials unfolded in Doha (QAT): the ITTF Asia Advanced Competition Management Seminar. Attracting 14 participants from 11 member associations, this seminar provided a thrilling opportunity for individuals to deepen their knowledge and skills in competition management. The event went beyond merely enhancing individual capabilities; it included a practical component during the WTT Star Contender Doha, allowing participants to witness first-hand the high level of event delivery.

Participants had prior experience in competition management at the local or regional level, or they had engaged in the ITTF Competition Management online service or attended a previous ITTF Competition Management seminar – prerequisites for enrolment in the advanced seminar.

Led by ITTF Competition Services Manager, Mohamed Eldawlatly (EGY), the seminar commenced with a review of knowledge gained from previous basic seminars and the ] Competition Management Online Service. This set the tone for the subsequent days, which were filled with interactive sessions and practical workshops. In-depth discussions covered various topics, including Draw, ITTF On-Site Venue Results (OVR), Result Management System, tournament organization, and on-site training during the WTT Star Contender Doha.

“The unique selection of attendees made the 4-day seminar very productive as each of them shared their different challenges, giving everyone the chance to discuss the best practices on how to manage their events. The next step would be sending some of the participants as assistant CMs as a starting point before they take full responsibility.” – Mohamed Eldawlaty, ITTF Competition Services Manager.

A significant highlight of the seminar was the inclusion of simulation exercises. This hands-on experience enabled participants to confront real-life challenges faced in the field, improving their decision-making skills and developing problem-solving strategies—crucial aspects of competition management.

“We are very grateful to be in Doha. We have first-hand experience seeing the venue setup and all the facilities needed to host the event. We also gained knowledge, especially on the OVR, and we got to see how it is operated. Overall, it’s such an amazing experience attending the seminar, and we hope that we can operate as Competition Managers soon and apply all the knowledge gained from the seminar.” – Khairi Salleh (BRU), a participant in the seminar.

“Through the seminar, I not only learned how to be a competition manager but also gained an understanding of how to deliver a competition in the best possible way and how different departments operate as a team, such as WTT events which I had never learned before. And I also deeply realized that the higher the competition is, the more details need to be considered.” – Sherry Zhu (CHN).

“I am really fortunate to be a part of this course, and I have found that the course played a pivotal role in shaping my understanding skills and perspective on various subjects of competition. One of the most significant ways in which the course has benefited me is by providing a structured and comprehensive approach to learning. The seminar was designed with a specific curriculum that covers fundamental concepts and progressively builds upon them. This structured framework ensures a thorough understanding of the subject matter.” – Tejendra Mahara (NEP), a participant in the seminar.

The Table Tennis Advanced Competition Management Seminar for Asia not only served as a platform for advanced skill enhancement but also contributed to the development of the sport in the region. By equipping participants with the necessary tools and knowledge, this event aimed to raise the overall standard of competition management in Asian Member Associations.

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