12 Dec 2023

Following the resounding success of the Mixed Team World Cup, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) announced the eagerly anticipated return of the Men’s and Women’s Singles World Cups. Scheduled to unfold in the vibrant city of Macao, China, these prestigious events are slated for April 2024.

The chosen venue for this exhilarating showcase is none other than the Galaxy Arena, the largest indoor arena of Macao, China. This state-of-the-art venue will merge the world of table tennis with entertainment, promising spectators a never-before-seen experience.

The decision to revive the ITTF World Cups signifies a strategic move by the ITTF, underscoring its commitment to revitalising and preserving the rich legacy of the sport. As the global governing body approaches its centenary year, in 2026, this initiative aligns seamlessly with its mission to breathe new life into iconic events.

Originating in 1980, the first World Cup tournament unfolded in Hong Kong, China. Over time, the format has evolved, and the participant count has grown, yet the competition’s core principle remains unaltered: bringing together the finest athletes in the sport, ensuring representation from each continent, for an intense competition.

ITTF President and IOC Member Petra Sörling enthusiastically shared, “The remarkable success of the Mixed Team World Cup 2023 in Chengdu has set the stage for an exciting future. Building on this momentum, we are thrilled to announce the return of the Singles World Cups in April 2024 in Macao, China, while the Mixed Team event will make a comeback in Chengdu in November next year. This decision underscores our commitment to advancing the sport globally, and we are confident that we will once again witness incredible events that will further enrich the legacy of the ITTF World Cups.”

ITTF Deputy President and CTTA President Liu Guoliang said: “In the past week, we experienced the charm of the Mixed Team World Cup in Chengdu, which has also made Chengdu famous internationally again. Next April, the Men’s and Women’s Singles World Cups will return to Macao, China. Macao, China has hosted many World Table Tennis events in recent years, and the enthusiasm of the fans has always impressed our athletes. Macao, China has rich experience in hosting competitions. I look forward to a successful ITTF World Cup in Macao, China. I also welcome table tennis fans from all over the world to gather in Macao, China again.”

ITTF Group CEO Steve Dainton said: “The return of the ITTF Men’s and Women’s Singles World Cups next April is an iconic event for the traditional ITTF event, especially in the vibrant city of Macao, China, and we look forward to a successful event that will bring great value to our partners and continue to contribute to the growth of the Macao table tennis market.”

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