02 Dec 2023

From 4 to 10 December, the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup 2023 will unfold at the Sichuan Gymnasium in Chengdu, China, featuring the world's top 18 teams vying for glory.

Team China’s line up for the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup is unparalleled in strength, as the world’s best athletes have converge to Chengdu, poised to claim victory and etch their name in the history books at the inaugural ITTF Mixed Team World Cup.

Coming off a successful run at the 19th Asian Games, where they claimed 6 gold medals, Team China undoubtedly emerges as the favored contender to win on home soil. The team’s exquisite blending and abundance of strategic pairings with its multitude of top athletes is a performance you don’t want to miss.

Fan Zhendong at the WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2023
Fan Zhendong at the WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2023

TEAM CHINA (#1 seed)

SUN Yingsha (World No.1)
At 23, world no.1 Sun Yingsha continues to captivate the world with her remarkable achievements. Completing a clean sweep of all titles at the Singapore Smash 2023 and ITTF World Championships Durban, Sun added three more women’s singles titles winning the WTT Champions Xinxiang, WTT Star Contender Ljubljana and WTT Star Contender Lanzhou. In the 19th Asian Games, she claimed triple gold medals in the women’s singles and teams, and the mixed doubles events. Currently ranked No.1 alongside Wang Chuqin in mixed doubles and No.3 with Wang Manyu in women’s doubles respectively, Sun is poised to play a pivotal role within the strategic playing system at the Mixed Team World Cup.

WANG Manyu (World No.2)
The 24-year-old Wang Manyu, has astounded audiences with her impeccable prowess, triumphantly seizing the crown at both the WTT Champions Macao and the WTT Contender Taiyuan this season. In September, she played an instrumental role in securing gold for Team China at the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou. Notably, Wang’s expertise extends beyond singles as she has garnered numerous accolades alongside Sun Yingsha in the women’s doubles, such as winning the 2021 and 2019 World Championships and Singapore Smash 2023.

CHEN Meng (World No.3)
The indomitable force of Chen Meng, the reigning women’s Olympic champion, cannot be underestimated. She triumphantly secured the women’s single title at the Singapore Smash 2022 and four silver medals in the women’s singles at the ITTF World Championships Durban, WTT Champions Macao, WTT Star Contender Ljubljana, and Lanzhou. A vital member of the Chinese team, Chen has contributed to multiple victories including gold in the women’s team at the 19th Asian Games, 2022 and 2018 World Team Championships and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

WANG Yidi (World No.4)
Strong-willed and competitive, Wang Yidi’s persevering attitude makes her one of the most exciting players to watch on the international scene. Wang showcased her prowess by clinching the women’s singles titles at the WTT Champions Frankfurt and WTT Star Contender Goa this season. A strong and dynamic doubles player, Wang claimed the women’s doubles title with Chen Meng in World Championships in Durban and claimed a silver medal in the mixed doubles with Lin Gaoyuan at the 19th Asian Games. An imposing force in both singles and doubles, Wang Yidi undoubtedly stands as a formidable asset for Team China.

FAN Zhendong (World No.1)
Currently ranked world no.1 in both men’s singles and doubles, Fan Zhendong is an unstoppable force on the table. In 2023, he was victorious in the men’s singles at the ITTF World Championships Durban, WTT Star Contender Ljubljana, WTT Champions Xinxiang and the Singapore Smash. Alongside teammate Wang Chuqin, the pair claimed three thrilling golds at the Singapore Smash, ITTF World Championships Durban as well as Asian Games in Hangzhou. Renowned for his attacking style of play characterized by explosive footwork and awe-inspiring forehand loops, Fan Zhendong continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

WANG Chuqin (World No.2)
Touted as one of China’s brightest young stars, the newly crowned Asian Games men’s singles champion Wang Chuqin has achieved considerable success on the world stage. In 2023, Wang triumphantly secured gold medals at the WTT Champion Macao and the WTT Star Contender Lanzhou. A versatile player, Wang is currently ranked first in the mixed doubles with Sun Yingsha, the powerful pairing has dominated titles in Singapore Smash and ITTF World Championship Durban, as well as the Asian Games.

MA Long (World No.3)
As the captain of Team China, nicknamed ‘The Dragon’, Ma Long is poised to once again take center stage. Widely regarded as the greatest table tennis player of all time, he is the first and only male player to complete a career Double Grand Slam as the Olympic gold medalist in men’s singles in 2016 and 2020. A stalwart team leader, Ma Long has consistently contributed to his team’s success on both continental and global platforms including three gold medals in the men’s teams event at the Olympic Games and eight men’s teams gold medals at the World Championships. Returning to Chengdu, he will skillfully guide Team China towards victory with his wealth of experience within the innovative playing system at the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup.

LIN Gaoyuan (World No.7)
No shortage of talent and agility in abundance, Lin Gaoyuan has solidified his place alongside the very best in the sport. He has showcased his versatility by clinching two titles in WTT Contender Zagreb and WTT Star Contender Bangkok this year. Furthermore, he boasts extensive experience as a formidable doubles player, delivering multiple awe-inspiring performances. Notably, he secured the mixed doubles title at the 2023 ITTF-ATTU Asian Championships alongside Wang Yidi, while also clinching two men’s doubles gold medals in the WTT series with Lin Shidong.

*Rankings according to latest on 28/11/2023

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