14 Nov 2023

With the global anticipation of 2024, which heralds the fourth year of the ongoing Olympic Cycle, the International Table Tennis Federation is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2024 Development Program activation process.

This initiative underlines the ITTF’s unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and excellence within the Table Tennis Family, and it places significant emphasis on the active involvement of Member Associations.

In the initial phase of the Program, ITTF extends an open invitation to all Member Associations to participate by completing the Development Questionnaire, with the deadline for submission being set for 5 December 2023.

The responses to this comprehensive questionnaire will serve as a prerequisite for accessing any program, project or initiative offered through the respective Continent Development Program.

“The Associations’ active engagement in this endeavour has not only become a pivotal element of the Development Program itself, but also a precious tool in gaining an in-depth understanding of the diverse needs and challenges faced by the membership,” emphasizes Dr Alaa Meshref, the ITTF Executive Vice-President of Finance, overseeing also the area of Development.

Indeed, the insights gathered from the Questionnaire will therefore play a crucial role in shaping the 2024 development priorities and at the same time they are essential for refining the initiatives and the Development Program as such also for the future, spanning the 2025-2028 quadrennial.

Besides, completing the Questionnaire is of utmost importance since specific responses within it may influence the outcomes of the upcoming Member Association Categorization process.

“The Categorization process, with its third edition scheduled for 2024, is designed, among other, to review the current Development Program, which in line with the ITTF Strategic Plan aims to be even more player-focused, performance and meritocracy-minded and data-driven. Finally, the concept facilitates the process of making informed decisions regarding the global distribution of Development funding,” reflects Polona Cehovin, the ITTF Development Director, about the vital connection between the Questionnaire and the Categorisation.

In the second phase the launch of the Participation Program will occur, which is entering its third and final year of the current scheme, with various established Development Projects following soon after. These initiatives are set to be unveiled before 10 December, promising opportunities for stakeholders to continue benefiting from a vast array of player development, capacity building and general Member Association empowerment initiatives.

The ITTF expresses its gratitude for the collaboration and dedication of all Member Association, whose active participation is not only crucial but also central to the collective success of ITTF’s mission.


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