22 Sep 2023

ITTF is thrilled to announce the commencement of the bidding process for the highly anticipated ITTF World Masters Championships 2026. This is not merely a sporting event; it is an exhilarating celebration of champions, both present and past, marking the pinnacle of prestige for Masters players worldwide. 

As the federation prepares to commemorate the 100th year of ITTF’s storied history in 2026, this momentous occasion adds an extra layer of significance to the ITTF World Masters Championships, making it a truly historic event that will resonate through the annals of table tennis. 

With a jaw-dropping 55 World Titles up for grabs and up to 5,000 players ready to vie for glory, the ITTF World Masters Championships 2026 promises an unparalleled spectacle of skill and sportsmanship. 

As the ITTF embarks on this journey, it is worth looking ahead to the upcoming ITTF World Masters Championships in 2024, scheduled to take place from 6 to 14 July 2024 in the enchanting city of Rome. Registrations for this event opened just a few months ago, and the response has been nothing short of astounding. In an astonishingly short period, the tournament has already reached its initial target of 5,000 registered players.  

Buoyed by this remarkable enthusiasm and to ensure that more players have the opportunity to be part of this historic event in the beautiful city of Rome, the target has been increased to a staggering 6,000 registered players. This is a testament to the unwavering enthusiasm and dedication of the global table tennis community. Don’t miss out on this event and visit the official Rome 2024 website to register. 

Now, as the bidding process kickstarts for the ITTF World Masters Championships 2026, cities around the world are invited to participate in this historic occasion. For comprehensive information, requirements, and to initiate your bid, please visit the official bidding website.  The expression of interests phase will conclude on 15 October.  

Join ITTF in shaping the future of table tennis and commemorating 100 years of ITTF excellence. Together, we can create an event that will be forever etched in the annals of this remarkable sport. 

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