22 Sep 2023

ITTF is delighted to announce the opening of bids for the prestigious ITTF World Para Table Tennis Championships 2026. In the ever-evolving landscape of para sports, the World Para Table Tennis Championships stand as a pinnacle, not only for the exceptional skill displayed but also for the unity it fosters among nations. The event exemplifies the power of determination and the triumph of the human spirit. 

 The ITTF World Para Championships, held every four years since 1990, have grown to deliver a wealth of benefits to their hosts and attract fans from all around the globe. Don’t miss the opportunity to host an event that becomes more popular and attractive with each edition. 

Taking place in 2026, the year ITTF will celebrate its centennial mark, the ninth ITTF World Para Championships is set to be special. As the bids for the ITTF World Para Table Tennis Championships 2026 open, cities and member associations are invited to contribute to the storied history of the sport.   

The 100-year anniversary of the ITTF represents a milestone not only for the federation but for the entire table tennis community. It is a reminder that the journey is far from over. The legacy of the past propels us into a future where para table tennis continues to occupy a pivotal place in the ITTF’s mission to create a world where every person, regardless of their abilities, can revel in the joy of table tennis. 

Why Host? 

  • Raise awareness about the benefits of sport among people with disabilities.  
  • Attract the top players aiming to become World Champions.  
  • A great opportunity to watch Paralympic champions in action.  
  • Bring new up-and-coming para table tennis players from around the world to your city.  

“Hosting the Andalucía 2022 World Para Table Tennis Championships in Granada was a monumental experience for the RFETM and Spain as a whole. To witness the resilience, passion, and spirit of the athletes was truly inspiring. We felt a deep sense of pride in providing a stage for such extraordinary talent and showcasing the undying spirit of sport. The event not only uplifted the city but also painted a picture of unity, strength, and perseverance for the entire world to see. It was a testament to the fact that, with dedication and collaboration, we can create moments that transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impact. Spain was honoured to host this prestigious event, and we highly recommend other nations to embrace this unique and rewarding opportunity.” – Representative of RFETM

Organised in the fourth quarter of 2026 with a maximum of 340 players accepted, the tournament involves seven competition days. 

World titles in the following categories comprise the schedule: 

  • Women’s Singles (Classes 1 – 11) 
  • Men’s Singles (Classes 1 – 11) 
  • Women’s doubles (Classes to be decided) 
  • Men’s doubles (Classes to be decided) 
  • Mixed doubles (Classes to be decided) 

The bidding process comprises three phases:  

PHASE 1: Bidding Phase (19 September to 14 November 2023) 

  • Interested Member Associations may start submitting bids with a final deadline of 14 November 2023, 23:59 GMT 


PHASE 2: Evaluation Phase (15 November to 31 December 2023) 

  • Evaluation and inspection of bids


PHASE 3: Selection Phase (Estimated at the end of February 2024) 

  • Final Presentations and voting of the host by the ITTF Council 


Any member association interested in hosting the event can visit https://www.ittfbids.com/wpttc2026 for more information on the bidding process and requirements. Submit your Bid Document to Pablo Perez at [email protected] & Tina Crotta at [email protected]. 

Join ITTF in shaping the future of table tennis and commemorating 100 years of ITTF excellence. Together, we can create an event that will be forever etched in the annals of this remarkable sport. 

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