14 Aug 2023

Amidst a crescendo of excitement, the countdown is on for the announcement of the host city for the esteemed ITTF World Youth Championships 2025. A remarkable duo, Bahrain, and Romania are eagerly vying to carry the honour of hosting this prestigious event, and the global table tennis community awaits with bated breath for the verdict, to be revealed during the ITTF Summit 2023.

ITTF is thrilled to embrace the fresh and invigorating format of the World Youth Championships (WYC) that spotlights the exceptional potential of young table tennis prodigies worldwide. In this new era, the WYC sheds its old skin to don a more global avatar, presenting the world with a captivating spectacle.

With a laser focus on enhancing the competition’s allure, WYC 2025 has been reimagined to present more compelling and intense matches, injecting a potent dose of energy into the proceedings. The world’s elite U19 and U15 athletes will now vie for supremacy in a straight knockout format, where each match promises to be a battle of skill, strategy, and heart.

Bahrain’s bid for the ITTF World Youth Championships 2025, hosted in the city of Manama at the magnificent Isa Sports City, holds the promise of a spectacular marriage between tradition and modernity. Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, this nation boasts a rich cultural heritage that warmly welcomes visitors from across the globe. As the venue for the event, Bahrain envisions a thrilling atmosphere that combines the nation’s hospitality with the electric energy of intense table tennis matches.

Fans can expect to be captivated not only by the prowess of young table tennis talents but also by the vibrant blend of Bahrain’s heritage and innovation. The charming souks, bustling streets, and timeless landmarks will set a breathtaking backdrop for this sporting spectacle. Moreover, Bahrain’s commitment to growing the sport in the region is palpable.

Shaikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al-Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Table Tennis Association enthusiastically declares, “Hosting the ITTF World Youth Championships would be an honour for us. We are excited to offer an unforgettable experience to the global table tennis family and to continue growing the sport in our region.”

On the other hand, in the heart of Romania, the captivating city of Cluj-Napoca, home to the esteemed BTarena venue, holds a wealth of promise. This vibrant city promises an unforgettable fusion of old-world charm and modern dynamics, creating an ambience that resonates with table tennis enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Visitors can anticipate a seamless blend of historic architecture, captivating landscapes, and the thrill of spirited table tennis battles.

Romania’s passion for the sport is woven into its fabric, as the country boasts a remarkable table tennis history and a strong present-day presence. A successful host for various table tennis events, Romania’s bid is a testament to the nation’s dedication to promoting the sport further within its borders.

Cristinel Romanescu, president of the Romanian Table Tennis Federation confidently states, “We see this bid as a chance to highlight the dedication of Romanian table tennis enthusiasts. Hosting the event would be a milestone for us, a significant step towards promoting the sport further in our country.”

As the suspense builds and the ITTF Summit 2023 approaches, the world awaits the reveal of the host city that will shape the future of the World Youth Championships. The stage is set for an announcement of great significance, as the host city for this prestigious event will be elected during the meeting of the ITTF Council (formerly Board of Directors). Both cities, Riffa and Cluj-Napoca, beckon with the promise of an unforgettable fusion of culture, sport, and unity on the international stage.

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