29 Mar 2023

Table Tennis England recently concluded its highly anticipated 2023 National Championships, which saw the successful implementation of the ITTF Group Results System. The ITTF system was deployed at the competition to improve the experience for players, coaches, and fans alike.

This year’s edition saw the expansion of the system to include Para Table Tennis doubles events. With over 170 matches played across three days, the ITTF Group Results System efficiently managed the competition, providing a seamless experience for all involved. Embedded within the Table Tennis England website, it provided an efficient way to manage the event and present results.

“We see the ITTF Group Results System as being a key part of the event delivery and experience – providing touchpad scoring and displays to show courts, displays around the venue for groups, brackets and results, and driving this data and player stats to our website. We have been very pleased to work with the ITTF Group who have provided the licensing, hardware, technical support – and a competition manager to run it all! We look forward to enhancing this year on year – for this event, we added player headshots to the scoring displays, which was a very welcome addition. Our best players, coaches and umpires are used to seeing the system at ITTF and WTT events – and we want to provide the same ‘gold standard’ at our National Championships.” — Neil Rogers, Table Tennis England Head of Competitions and Events

The ITTF Group has been encouraging the use of its Results System among Member Associations worldwide. The goal is to centralize all results and make them easily available to the global table tennis community. The successful adoption of the ITTF system by Table Tennis England is a step in the right direction.

“The ITTF Group is proud to support Table Tennis England for the second consecutive year. Our system provides a comprehensive solution for managing all kinds of table tennis competitions and is available to all Member Associations.” — Vatsan Ramasubramanian, ITTF Group IT Director.

Highly customizable and configurable, seamlessly integrating with various websites, apps, streaming, and broadcast, the system can manage tournaments ranging from professional to amateur levels.

Overall, the use of the ITTF Group Results System contributed to a successful and professional 2023 England National Championships, taking the tournament experience to new heights.

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