18 Mar 2023

Jérémy Dey from New Caledonia may not be a household name in the world of table tennis, but his presence at Singapore Smash 2023 is a testament to how the sport is growing worldwide, even in small and remote places like his home country.

Jérémy’s adventure in Singapore began with his participation in the first round of the Singapore Smash qualifications. Although his first game against English player Tom Jarvis ended in defeat, he felt satisfied with his performance and considered the experience exceptional. Despite the quick end to his tournament, Jérémy has no regrets about his performance and is pleased with the progress he has made.

For Jérémy, being at Singapore Smash is not just about playing and competing at the highest level, but also about learning, growing, and giving back to the sport that he loves. His adventure in Singapore continued even after his elimination from the tournament. He has met with the staff and players of the France team and had the opportunity to talk and play with them, making his time in Singapore both enjoyable and inspiring.

As he sits in the OCBC Arena watching the intense matches of the Singapore Smash, he is not just enjoying this as a spectator but also learning how his fellow table tennis players adapt their style of play to overcome the challenges they face during a match. He is fascinated by how the players handle pressure, the strategies they employ, and their openness to trying new approaches.

In addition to watching top-level matches, Jérémy has been actively engaging with his fellow players and collecting their autographs. His goal is to bring these back to the table tennis league in New Caledonia and share them with the younger players to inspire and provide a glimpse of their favourite players.

“I am happy to represent New Caledonia at this level, and I hope that more local players will have the chance to compete on the world stage in the future. I want to use my experience here to show them what’s possible with hard work and dedication, and to help build the sport in our community. I may have been knocked out, but being at an event of such calibre has given me the opportunity to experience top-level events and see the players training, see the players in action live, and not just in video. It’s a completely different experience watching the matches in person and learning from the best players in the world.” – Jérémy Dey

Jérémy’s participation in the Singapore Smash is a shining example of how table tennis is developing worldwide. His passion for the sport, dedication to improvement, and willingness to inspire the next generation of players make him a remarkable role model. Jérémy Dey’s story demonstrates that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams and aspirations in the sport they love.

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