14 Feb 2023

The International Table Tennis Federation Executive Board recently approved changes to the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking Regulations, following a review by the World Ranking Working Group. The ITTF is taking a proactive approach in ensuring the World Ranking Regulations accurately reflect the current level of players in the sport. The new regulations include several important updates aimed at improving the ranking system. With a full calendar year ahead, the goal is to create a fairer and more balanced system for all players.  

Some of the significant changes involve the increase in points awarded for the initial round of WTT Grand Smash events up to the Round of 64 categories. Reflecting the events’ high level of play, the qualification draws can pose a challenge for players ranked between #50 and #120. As part of creating a fairer ranking system, ITTF believes that this increase in points for the qualifying rounds will be a well-deserved recognition of the efforts made by the qualified players. 

Additionally, the updated regulations also bring about a reduction in points awarded for WTT Feeder events. Previously, the 150 points available had become too strong an incentive for top players to participate, impacting the chances for lower-level players. With more WTT Series and Feeder events scheduled this year, and by reducing the points for Feeder events winners to 125, there will be more opportunities for all players to get an entry in events and rise up in the rankings.  

ITTF is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of all table tennis players and creating a fair and inclusive environment for the sport. The recent updates to the World Ranking Regulations are part of the ITTF’s ongoing efforts to improve the sport and recognise the hard work and dedication of players. As table tennis continues to evolve, ITTF will continuously evaluate and enhance the ranking system to better reflect the abilities and efforts of all players. To stay up to date with the latest updates to the ITTF World Ranking Regulations, visit here.  


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