03 Feb 2023

Following the success of the 2022 ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge, held in Hennebont (FRA) from 16-22 January 2023, the Hopes Squad has been selected.

The players selected for the Hopes Squad will have the opportunity along with their coaches to continue on the Hopes pathway, offering them the chance to participate in at least one follow-up activity in the first half of 2022. The selected players are:


  1. Kulapassr VIJITVIRIYAGUL (THA – Asia)
  2. Tashiya PIYADASA (USA – Americas)
  3. Arujian KAMALOVA (UZB – Asia)
  4. Vania YAVARI (IRI – Asia)
  5. CHEAH Yu Zheng (MAS – Asia)
  6. Mariia LYTVYN (AUT – Europe)
  7. Irene YEOH (USA – Americas)
  8. Eva LAM (FRA – Europe)


  1. Danilo FASO (ITA – Europe)
  2. Emanuel OTÁLVARO GARCIA (COL – Americas)
  3. Faraz SHAKIBA (IRI – Asia)
  4. Miroslav SCHMIDT (BUL – Europe)
  5. Titouan MOREL GONZALES (FRA – Europe)
  6. Nimit SOIPHUANG (THA – Asia)
  7. Kef NOORANI (USA – Americas)
  8. Sanuka HERATH (CAN – Americas)

Players were selected based on the Final Standing List of the 2022 ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge. In order to be considered for selection to the Hopes Squad, players must have been ranked 1-10 on the Final Standing List, which is informed by the evaluation of the coaching team (65%) and the result of the Challenge tournament (35%), with the winners of the Challenge gaining automatic placement in the Hopes Squad.

Those selected for the Hopes Squad are invited to the first Hopes Squad activity, an intensive training camp to be held at the Singapore Sports School from 9-15 March 2023 in cooperation with the Singapore Table Tennis Association. Besides daily training under the guidance of ITTF High Performance Elite Coach Massimo Costantini and Head Coaches Eva Jeler (AUS) and Liu Yanjun (AUT), players will have the opportunity to attend the WTT Grand Smash and experience the event and their heroes in person.

To remain part of the Hopes Squad and have the opportunity to participate in any subsequent Hopes Squad activity, players will have to demonstrate consistent commitment to training and competition and will be monitored throughout the year. Upon conclusion of all follow-up activities, ITTF High Performance will announce the selection of 4 girls and 4 boys to the Hopes Team, providing them with further opportunities along the Hopes pathway.

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