31 Jan 2023

The International Paralympic Committee announced that Para table tennis has been confirmed as one of 22 approved sports for the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic Games

As a leading sport in the Paralympic programme, the ITTF is honoured to be part of the LA28 Paralympic Games.

Para table tennis has a rich history in the Paralympic Games, having been part of the programme since the first Games in Rome in 1960, when only wheelchair athletes were allowed to participate. Today, the sport is the third largest in terms of participating athletes.

In addition to its historical roots, Para Table Tennis has evolved to include athletes with a wide range of impairments, with 11 classes of athletes showcasing their skills. With more than 40 million competitive players in over 100 countries worldwide, the sport continues to thrive and gain popularity.

The ITTF is committed to promoting and developing Para Table Tennis for athletes with disabilities and being part of the LA28 Paralympic Games is a testament to this commitment. The ITTF looks forward to collaborating closely with the International Paralympic Committee and the LA28 Organising Committee to ensure a successful and memorable Paralympic Games for all table tennis athletes and fans.

The LA28 Paralympic Games, also known as the 18th Summer Paralympic Games, is an event governed by the International Paralympic Committee and is set to take place in Los Angeles, California, from 15 August to 27 August 2028 in world-class stadiums and venues across the city. The Paralympics will be held in Los Angeles for the first time and will be the second Summer Paralympics to be held in the United States since the Atlanta Games in 1996.

Visit the IPC website here for more details on the LA28 Paralympic Games and the approved 22 sports.

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