31 Jan 2023

The ITTF Participation Program is kicking off for the third year running. After two highly successful years, the new edition will provide even more development opportunities and increased targeted support to Member Associations.

Last year’s expanded portfolio is growing even bigger, with 4 additional online services in the ever more relevant areas of Integrity and Sustainability, as well as Competition Management and Event Delivery.

“The ITTF Participation Program has entered its 3rd year, offering expanded support to Member Associations for the growth and development of table tennis globally. The Program aims to empower Member Associations by providing a wide range of online services, and it’s fantastic to see more taking advantage of these opportunities. With expectations of reaching new milestones in 2023, the Program plays a crucial role in securing a bright future for the sport.” Dr. Alaa Meshref, ITTF Executive Vice President

Member Associations are eligible for support under three incentives: the MA Activity, the National Project, and the ITTF Online Services, delivered by the Participation Officers and ITTF Experts. MAs will also have access to exclusive services offered by our Partners Stupa Analytics and StreetTT, enriching national projects with match analysis powered by AI, event management packages, and building urban table tennis communities through play on publicly accessible tables.

“Following the huge popularity of the program throughout the last two years, we are launching the Participation Program again in 2023! Delivering onsite table tennis activities and engaging with Member Associations through online services proved to be a highly efficient tool which was embraced by the participants. With the participation strategy in mind, we continue to enlarge the number of our program incentives by using the two-pronged approach of diversity and sustainability.” – Yelena Druzhkova, ITTF Head of Development Programmes

To activate their access to the Participation Program, MAs are invited to complete the Member Association Form sent to their official email address.

For more information on the 2023 ITTF Participation Program, please check the Brochure.

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