10 Jan 2023

Today, the ITTF announced a collaboration with Blackpanda, Asia’s premier digital forensics and incident response firm, to further reinforce data security throughout the organisation. Blackpanda’s team will also boost the investigative capability of the ITTF, employing global gold standard digital forensics best practices.

Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO, commented, “We are taking the recent incident extremely seriously, and we apologise to those affected. We are in touch with our Member Associations, updating and supporting them. A full investigation is ongoing, and we are partnering with a team of experts. We will also use this as an opportunity to increase and reinforce our standards. We are committed to completely understanding how this situation happened to ensure it will not happen again.”

Security and data privacy are of the utmost importance for the ITTF. Blackpanda’s team of forensic experts and data protection professionals will conduct a thorough security review. Additional security measures will be implemented based on the company’s recommendations, providing a safer digital experience for all ITTF stakeholders and partners.

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