13 Jan 2023

Table tennis players and spectators can anticipate an eventful year as the world moves away from lockdowns and COVID-19 limitations and begins to look beyond the pandemic. The 2023 schedule will witness a marked increase in the number of events featuring the best and most promising table tennis players, with the goal of making the sport stronger and more appealing on a global scale.

With less than six months to go for the 2023 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals, excitement envelops the Table Tennis community as the prestigious event will be held in Durban, taking place in an African country for the first time since 1939.

The World Championships is just one aspect of various enticing 2023 Table Tennis events. World Table Tennis unveiled the first half of events calendar for the 2023 season of WTT Series and WTT Feeder Series late last year, revealing that the best table tennis players in the world will get the opportunity to face off in more than 15 events across three continents. World Table Tennis plans to make this a truly global series with events planned in the Americas, Europe, and Asia in the second half of this year.

The WTT Youth Series is another vital component of the WTT event pyramid which continues to provide a pathway for aspiring youth table tennis players to prove their worth on the big stage. The 2023 WTT Youth Series calendar, announced in October 2022, has a record number of events planned in every corner of the globe, ensuring that all rising stars have a chance to shine. This further demonstrates the sport’s widespread influence and signals that the future of table tennis shines brightly. You can view the full calendar of World Table Tennis here.

This year will also be a significant one for the Para Table Tennis community. Building on its success during the unanimously praised World Championships in Andalucia last year, the Para Table Tennis Series will enjoy a record calendar for 2023 with no less than 32 events across all Continental Federations. These events consist of over 15 Factor20 tournaments and five Factor40 tournaments. Check out the full Para calendar here.

All continental events will also be back in 2023, so look forward to Continental Championships and Continental Cups. The complete list of events on the 2023 calendar can be found here.

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