02 Dec 2022

The ITTF Group was recently invited to take part in the exclusive Wadi Ashar Dialogue in Saudi Arabia, a chance for top executives to connect with leading sport, music and entertainment industry experts.

The dialogue was put on by the Saudi Arabian government as part of its Vision 2030 framework, under the theme of trying to “disrupt expectations and unlock endless possibilities.”

Wadi Ashar is part of the beautiful undiscovered Alula County in Saudi Arabia, an area the size of Belgium in northwest Arabia including Saudi Arabia’s first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site. Talks at the dialogue took place on November 28-29 and included speakers from all over the world.

“I was thrilled to take part of the exclusive Wadi Ashar Dialogue, hearing from other leading industry professionals as we orient the future of our federation,” Steve Dainton, ITTF Group Chief Executive, said. “The perspectives shared were informative and illuminating, and I cannot wait to share what I learned while taking part in the first ever ITTF Summit.”

The dialogue describes itself as “a platform for partnerships and investment opportunities inspired by natural conversations and stories, where a new paradigm is created, and the future is shaped by exceptional leaders.”

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