04 Nov 2022

The use of technology in sports is not a new phenomenon; in fact, the pandemic only increased its use exponentially. Coaches rely on video playback and other technologies for performance analysis while technical officials use the many varied information and technology systems for match officiating and decision-making. ITTF’s High Performance and Development Department joined the cause in 2021 through partnerships with innovative technology companies, by introducing digital solutions to the Members as part of the ITTF Participation Program.

We presented the ITTF Online Services back in 2021 as part of the new ITTF Participation Program. The innovative program is currently running for the 2022 season and features partnerships with Pingprofy, Stupa Analytics and Street TT.

Pingprofy is a web-based communication platform where MAs can engage with ITTF experts remotely. Complementing the initial eight services offered in 2021, the current menu has an additional three new services for the 2022 Participation program: Talent Identification, Good Governance, and Achieving Gender Balance in Table Tennis. This offers MAs a variety of eleven services to choose from based on their needs.   The inaugural program saw a good reception by the MAs eligible for this incentive in 2022 and we have had positive feedback in the 6 months period of implementation:

“I have learned a lot from the 2021-2024 OS Programs and Guidelines service and I will use the knowledge acquired to improve on the current table tennis programs in Zimbabwe. I wish to encourage other MAs in the world to make use of these initiatives from ITTF as they haven proven to be beneficial for our sport.” Tinashe Duri – Zimbabwe MA Secretary General.

“We enjoyed the online services, and we appreciated the time that the ITTF Experts dedicated to give us the support through the Participation Program this year. The practical approach was useful because it showed us how to organize our activities based on the expected results (referring to Creating National Development Plans). This motivates us to work for the development of table tennis in Cayman Islands and work hard to change and improve our position in the region. Mr. Robert E. Sairsingh, MA President of Cayman Islands.

Over and above the online services, Pingprofy offers MAs the opportunity to schedule and meet with international acclaimed coaches and athletes in table tennis such as Werner Schlager, He Zhi Wen (Juanito) and Aruna Quadri, where they can book one-on-one sessions for training and tips.

Another partnership forged by ITTF embracing the advancement of technology was Stupa Sports Analytics. The company offers a wide variety of products that include performance analytics, event management, broadcasting & social media. Using special Stupa Lite and Stupa Pro packages of Artificial Intelligence technology, coaches can analyze an athlete’s playing performance. With the Stupa Events package, organizers can manage any event digitally & stream match action online to promote the organization at a massive level.

Under the Participation Program, the Stupa packages are currently available to MAs to register and enjoy the many benefits that come with it to improve their athlete’s performance as well as a successful hosting of events.

With Sport for all at the heart of the ITTF’s mandate, we have found a compatible partner in Street TT and launched the cooperation as part of the package for the 2022 Participation Program. Street TT is an application that connects players across the world where they take part in street championships. The application allows players to search for a public table close to them and meet up with other players at table tennis events. Players can submit results of matches played and will receive a ranking within their community, region or continent based on the application.

We believe that there are many ways for developing table tennis including digital opportunities and invite our MAs to benefit from the offered packages through the ITTF Participation Program.

See more details here: https://www.ittf.com/hpd/programmes/participation-program-member-associations/

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