14 Oct 2022

From September 10 to 17, an ITTF Level 3 Coaches Course was held at the Olympic Training Center, Ramon Cruz 1176 Ñuñoa, under the auspices of the Olympic Solidarity Program (OS) and the Chile Olympic Committee (COC), supported by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and coordinated by the Chile Table Tennis Federation (FECHITEME).

The expert in charge was the Venezuelan Francisco Seijas, who is also the National Head Coach of FECHITEME.

The 48-hour course was carried out across 8 days and included the participation of 15 Chilean coaches from different provinces of the country, such as Chillan Viejo, Osorno, Angelina, Puerto Mont, Iquique, La Serena, Los Angeles, and Santiago, among others.

Participants and course conductor Francisco Seijas

During the activity, essential elements for the comprehensive development of coaches were discussed, such as physical and psychological preparation, tactical technique, planning, and organization of sports training.

On the last day, the participants carried out the corresponding tests for the approval of the course, and the closing ceremony was led by the Secretary General of the Olympic Committee Jaime Aglitti and the General Manager of FECHITEME Rodrigo Martínez, who offered their words of thanks to the participants and the staff who made it possible for this activity to take place in such a successful manner.

I am really happy to have obtained one of the best evaluations among all the participants, but even more so because of the knowledge acquired and everything that I will be able to put into practice from now on with my players, we lived a great experience of coexistence and learning with expert Pancho Seijas”. said Rodrigo Moraga, participant.

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