13 Sep 2022

Five months after the launch of the 2022 Participation Program, Member Associations (MAs) have hailed the program as a welcome addition to ITTF High Performance & Development’s program. With its flexibility to cater to MAs’ needs, it has come to the fore as a dependable and engaging program. So far, 74% of eligible Member Associations activated their access and have been benefiting from the three main program incentives: MA Activity, National Project, and ITTF Online Services.

The biggest response has been received for the MA Activity, and eligible Member Associations in conjunction with ITTF Participation Officers are on the right track to implement them. The most popular activities among possible options have been: National Hopes Weeks, training camps for different age groups, educational courses for coaches and umpires and the “DMA (Developing Member Associations) Activity” that can include several actions locally but also helps associations with further development of their MA, along with the creation of action plans, which comes with a long-term monitoring activity by Participation Officers.

MA Activity Nepal – National Hopes Week Challenge
National Project Australia – National Championships

One third of eligible Member Associations can organize National Projects in 2022, another incentive of the Participation Program. Besides various training camps for different age groups, associations chose support for national championships as part of the package. Over and above these, ITTF HPD have made strides in securing additional opportunities as part of the National Projects through their partners. Various exclusive packages are available to our MAs through our partners Stupa, StreetTT and Pingprofy, which offer exclusive services that serve as additional stepping stones for an MA to grow.

National Project Antigua and Barbuda – World Table Tennis Day

The ITTF Online Services came to life with the collaboration of Pingprofy, a platform that ensured excellent delivery of services via video conferencing to MA officials, coaches, players, and administrators anywhere in the world. This allows MAs to interact with ITTF Experts throughout the world at their fingertips and receive knowledge on different topics. The highest interest has been observed for National Team Plans, Coach-the-Coach, and Talent Identification sessions. Associations are also interested in the ITTF Categorization, 2021-2024 Olympic Solidarity programs, and how to integrate Para table tennis activities or achieve gender balance.

MA activity Lebanon – Training Camp

The 2022 Participation Program is continuing, and we invite all our Members to be more active and take every opportunity to get support for their development pathways.

Stay with us … HPD Participation Program

MA activity Paraguay – Womens Training Camp
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