12 Sep 2022

A tournament where harmony was present but no lack of endeavour

Five countries shared the honours as play concluded at the 2022 ITTF World Veteran Tour tournament in Otocec on the late afternoon of Sunday 11th September.

Nine events on offer, in addition to the host nation there were titles for England, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

Competing on home soil, Darko Jamsek emerged the most successful player; he won the men’s singles open category, men’s singles 50 years and in partnership with compatriot, Andrej Godec, men’s doubles 40 years.

Additionally, there were two titles for Germany’s Berhhard Burgin. He won men’s singles 65 years and with England’s Ray Hurst, men’s doubles 60 years.

Success for Germany, there was more; Braun Reinhold won men’s singles 60 years.

A profitable experience for Germany, it was the same for Hungary. Marta Toth emerged the women’s singles 40 years winner, Istvan Szalai claimed the men’s singles 70 years title.

Meanwhile, not to be left out, Slovakia’s Michal Skuril won men’s singles 40 years.

Play concluded in Otocec, attention now turns to Greece, Loutraki is the destination for the next World Veteran Tour tournament; the four day event commences on Thursday 16th October.

  • Oman 2023 World Veteran Championships: Bernhard Burgin, Darko Jamsek, Braun Reinhold and Michal Skuril, alongside Marta Toth, gain a free entry as a result their title wins in Otocec
  • Oman 2023 World Veteran Championships: All participants in Otocec benefit from a 10 per cent entry fee discount


ITTF WVT – Road to Oman – Loutraki

Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th October


Medallists: ITTF World Veteran Tour – Road to Oman, Otocec

Men’s Singles 40 Years
Group: 1. Michal Skuril (SVK) 2. Ferxey Ayala (COL) 3. Uros Cerar (SLO) 4. Richard Tekula (AUT)

Women’s Singles 40 Years
Group: 1. Marta Toth (HUN) 2. Liliia Andrieieva (UKR) 3. Darinka Mali (SLO) 4. Jasna Pupis (SLO)

Men’s Doubles 40 Years
SF: Christophe Le Corvec/Braun Reinhold (FRA/GER) v Ferxey Ayala/Richard Tekula (COL/AUT) 9,6,2
SF: Andrej Godec/Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Jan Dudasik/Mchal Skuril (SVK) 5,11,10
F: Andrej Godec/Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec/Braun Reinhold (FRA/GER) 5,11,10

Men’s Singles 50 Years
SF: Andrej Godec (SLO) v Bojan Maselj (SLO) 8,7,-16,10
SF: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec (FRA) 4,7,10
F: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Andrej Godec (SLO) 10,6,6

Men’s Singles 60 Years
Group: 1. Braun Reinhold (GER) 2. Robert Mali (SLO) 3. Remzi Shala (KOS) 4. Hulaj Sadri (KOS)

Men’s Doubles 60 Years
SF: Bernhard Burgin/Ray Hurst (GER/ENG) v Hulaj Sadri/Remzi Shala (KOS) 2,6,5
SF: Istvan Szalai/Roy Norton (HUN/ENG) v Leif Kruula/Mirko Semrov (SWE/SLO) -8,6,8,9
F: Bernhard Burgin/Ray Hurst (GER/ENG) v Istvan Szalai/Roy Norton (HUN/ENG) 9,6,6

Men’s Singles 65 Years
Group: 1. Bernhard Burgin (GER) 2. Jan Dudasik (SVK) 3. Ray Hurst (ENG) 4. Alfred Vodusek (SLO)

Men’s Singles 70 Years
Group: 1. Istvan Szalai (HUN) 2. Mirko Semrov (SLO) 3. Ciril Kozjek (SLO) 4. Roy Norton (ENG)

Men’s Singles Open
SF: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Christophe Le Corvec (FRA) 4,7,10
SF: Andrej Godec (SLO) v Ray Hurst (ENG) 8,7,-6,5
F: Darko Jamsek (SLO) v Andrej Godec (SLO) 10,6,6

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