25 Jun 2022

Notable names present, a notable name represented table tennis.

Alongside such prominent names as Peter Schmeichel, the former Manchester United goalkeeper, Zoran Primorac attended the recent Sunset Sports Media Festival staged in Zadar, Croatia from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th June.

The theme was based on how a sport can increase media coverage in an age when such disciplines as professional football are so dominant.

Table tennis – one of the most popular sports on planet earth – the phrase is often described as a sport everyone can play and everybody has played.

The question posed is to how the sport can be promoted in the media, how the image can be presented as a thrilling dynamic sport?

Most certainly if we consider the WTT Grand Smash tournament held recently in Singapore, we witnessed a theatrical atmosphere that featured both skill and a high degree of athleticism. It is on such events table tennis can surely build.

“The panel was very valuable; we discussed many different topics” explained Zoran Primorac. “The conclusion was that each of us should find its own creative pathway to reach out the media, fans and sponsors.”

Innovation, thinking differently, out of the box assuming a positive approach and who knows what may be achieved.



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